Dai Due, Austin, TX

I booked the tickets in July on one of the hottest days in Arkansas. I figured it would be cold in November, I figured we could use a break from New England then, get away from the chill and immerse ourselves in the place we could have converged. In some universe, our dual selves are thriving in Austin. Maybe they even met. She planned on moving there after graduating college, I was waitlisted at UT Law. Maybe we would have locked eyes at Houndstooth Coffee, or walking down Guadalupe as the cactus flowers bloomed, but we stayed in New England and flew down last month. It rained the whole time.wpid-img_20141108_135958727.jpg Continue reading “Dai Due, Austin, TX”

A Christmas Snark, II

I bring you two classic Christmas foibles, mental health and louche punk-indie albums. I’m tossing the manners out with the bathwater. I’ve found the consummate Christmas album. It’s been a doozie of a year. I’d say that from one thing to another, I sunk deeper and deeper into garden variety, soul-crushingly shitty depression full of mild disappointment. Irony is kind and cruel when the situation begs for it. My cholesterol has gone up as my weight has gone down. I might have to face my problems on my own turf instead of leaving the country again. I got a cat, I lost friends. Three people I know got engaged in the last hour.

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Hana Tokyo, Fairfield, CT

I did not like hibachi until I went to Hana Tokyo. Yes, cool story, bro, but listen to me and listen carefully. This tiny, strip-mall, waterside restaurant in the middle of Fairfield contains some of the most delicious hibachi and most entertaining shrimp tosses in Connecticut. Also, sushi boats forever. Thanks to the awesome gang at MaxExposure, The Bedfellow and I had a sushi bacchanal and I tried to enjoy seltzer water while everyone did sake bombs. Boooo, personal training is a luxury that I subject myself to!
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