Palais des Thés Vive le Thé

I’m dead. There’s nothing left of me but a pile of promissory notes and a battered, bloody copy of the Model Penal Code. What’s the difference between a lawyer and a shut-in? The degree. What’s the difference between breakfast and lunch? No damned clue. I had a coffee for lunch. I distinctly remember blinking once at 10AM and once at 12PM and all of a sudden, it was 4 and the sun was going down.DSC_6669Oh my god. Continue reading “Palais des Thés Vive le Thé”

Thanksgiving Tacos

Thanksgiving was great! The 1910 Mexican Revolution was even greater! I just wanted to pop in to say hello and thank you for your readership. I’m thankful for your snark, patronage, and sexy, sexy eyes, readers. To commemorate this amazing holiday, the likes of which I have just Googled, I decided to make a handheld version of Thanksgiving dinner for your personal enjoyment and pleasure. It’s Thanksgiving tacos. It’s made of leftovers.
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Dunkin’ Donuts Eggnog Latté

Chicken and waffles? Passé. Chicken and donuts? That’s more like it. Add a side of redeye gravy and you’re good to go. I entered donut-fried chicken into a Dunkin’ Donuts contest (of my own, and Dillinger’s volition) today and decided to pick up this hot-off-the-press Eggnog Latté while I was at it. It took twenty minutes to make, not because the talented baristas hand-beat the yolks and ground fresh nutmeg into steeped Arabica coffee beans, but because the cashier was lost or dead in the back freezer. After she cryogenically unfroze and took my money, I had a fresh latté in my hands.DSC_6555 Continue reading “Dunkin’ Donuts Eggnog Latté”

Vanilla Chex

Monday: Cereal
Tuesday: Cereal
Wednesday: Cereal
Thursday: Cereal
Friday: Cereal, pork tacos
Saturday: Pork
Sunday: Pork

I am writing a brief. (CITE) I am writing a brief and am putting in citations later by denoting them with irritating, obvious marks. (CITE) I have not eaten a substantial meal in about three days. Want to know what’s been keeping me alive? It’s cereal. Specifically, Vanilla Chex. I’m a huge fan of the Chex line, as they’re all gluten-free and taste pretty good. Recently, Chex came out with a vanilla flavor and sent me a few boxes to review.DSC_6541 Continue reading “Vanilla Chex”

Ofrenda, New York, NY

There are good days and bad days. Good meals and bad ones. Truth be told, I don’t mind when the two intersect. We spent the last weekend in New York and packed a lot into the trip- a film festival, brunch, dancing, and coffee, before heading home. A good trip, but an anxious one, as exams are this week and the next and I’m up to my ears in writing assignments. But it was a good trip. I was hard-pressed to pick a highlight as we were heading home, but my stomach growled otherwise. We’d just finished a meal up at Ofrenda, an excellent new-ish Mexican restaurant in the West Village, and though I was stuffed, I was already looking forward to the leftovers.DSC_6524 Continue reading “Ofrenda, New York, NY”

Old El Paso Frozen Beef Enchiladas

The internet bought me dinner. Thanks, internet. It’s been a long few days. I’ve discovered that I’m like a hydrophobic substance- terrified of bonding, and that I have a lot of work to do before I’m actually an attorney. Did you know that law school is not simply a sixteen-minute montage of uplifting KC & The Sunshine Gang songs and pretty power suits that fit perfectly in the bust? It gives an entirely new definition to the term ‘qualified privilege,’ which is funny to maybe three people here. I feel oddly content, though, despite that I have impending exams and papers deciding the fates of imaginary clients. It feels good to accomplish things in the real world- cooking being the sole omission of said accomplishments. 

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Paragon at Foxwoods, Foxwoods Casino, Mashantucket, CT (II)

I rarely do repeat visits to restaurants- not for lack of desire, but ultimately, there are just so many new places to go that I rarely think of returning to places that aren’t within walking distance of my apartment, or are actually in my apartment. But I often wish there was enough time for me to go back to some of them– I wonder how they’ve developed and what their menus are now like. I watch over them with the wistful distance of an ex-lover on Facebook.DSC_6429 Continue reading “Paragon at Foxwoods, Foxwoods Casino, Mashantucket, CT (II)”

Poco Dolce Bittersweet Chocolate Nut Tiles

It’s holiday season! And in my case, chocolate season. Winter is a great excuse for me to order and receive fancy truffles, caramels, and toffee under the guise of ‘gift sampling,’ that rarely makes it to the actual ‘gift-giving’ phase. This might also explain why, for the past five years, I’ve given members of my family used books, socks, and framed chocolate wrappers. I’m considering getting an L.L.M. so I can milk the impoverished student gig a few years more. Sorry, Mom. Enjoy your gently used sweater. DSC_6440 Continue reading “Poco Dolce Bittersweet Chocolate Nut Tiles”

Ribeye and habanero-lager risotto tacos

I’ve adjusted my workout and have started going to the gym more frequently. I swear this isn’t just a vapid stealth-bragging campaign. The weight circuit must do something, because when I come home, I’m starving. My schedule is somewhat polarized- either I’ll want to sit in front of an episode of Weeds with a mixing bowl full of cereal, or I’ll be compelled to make an elaborate, four course meal for myself that I’ll eat in a mixing bowl in front of an episode of Weeds. You see the trend.DSC_6373
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How to Make a Cheese Plate

I’m feeling cruddy today, so this post may not drip with as much sarcasm as the others. I picked up a box of crackers for a cheese plate at Whole Foods last night. My aunt was there and recommended Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast Crisps, and offered to get me a box with some St. Nectaire and a shiny Gala apple. Okay, twist my arm. The selection was vast and I was so enthralled by the crisps that I grabbed the most appealing box- salty date and almond. I vaguely remembered hearing something about the crackers being gluten-free.DSC_6363 Continue reading “How to Make a Cheese Plate”