Thanksgiving Tacos

Thanksgiving was great! The 1910 Mexican Revolution was even greater! I just wanted to pop in to say hello and thank you for your readership. I’m thankful for your snark, patronage, and sexy, sexy eyes, readers. To commemorate this amazing holiday, the likes of which I have just Googled, I decided to make a handheld version of Thanksgiving dinner for your personal enjoyment and pleasure. It’s Thanksgiving tacos. It’s made of leftovers.
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New Ratings!

fullpreviewThe final surprise- for now!

New numbers, as bittersweet as the M&M’s that preceded them. I’m no longer a freshman in college, I no longer use a flip phone as a camera, and you’re no longer ambling through the wilderness. You’re here. I am, too. Albeit, I am using Microsoft Paint, but the Futura and snazzy gradients negate that, right?

I’ll just say what you’re all thinking: I’m practically the Wes Anderson of food.

Hello, world.

Well, here’s the new and improved Foodette Reviews! Dillinger and I worked all afternoon to get it over to independent hosting and work out the kinks in a theme. I made the switch over to WordPress, too. Blogger was slow and just looked clunky. This isn’t perfect, but it’s a damned good start.

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Mi Tierra and the Existential Slump

My heart and stomach ache today. It was dark last night, unusually brisk. We took a long drive and dreamed of food. We had a happy night. On the way back, I was crying. It happened so fast. If I’d just known, I kept thinking to myself, what if I’d just paused the last time and pulled into the driveway to say hello?

 (Photo Credit: Kathy Ford)

Taste of the Union: Fall Bites

Womp womp, when was the last time I did one of these awesome round-ups? Probably around the same time Pandora thought it was appropriate to play ‘Hey There Delilah,’ which it’s doing right now. This time, it’s a little different- I have a mix of gluten-free products that I’ll give numerical ratings to, just like my big features, but…smaller. Think of it as the specialty food equivalent of GrubGrade’s First Looks or TIB’s Quick Reviews. Interspersed through this will be some recipes I’ve recently made that I’m particularly proud of.

October 2013 Update and News

Hello, readers,

I thought it might be nice to give you an idea as to how things are going in the great, wonderful world of Foodette, and tell you what’s on tap for the upcoming season. As you know, I’m always reaching and striving to make this website a better experience for you, so for the next month, I’ll be featuring a poll so that I can better narrow the scope of the site and focus on what you want to read- tell me what you like. Do you miss my more specialty-oriented foods? Would you like to see more lifestyle information, like decor and fashion, on this blog? Are you keen on hearing more about my foray into a gluten-free diet? How about more recipes? Continue reading “October 2013 Update and News”

75th Annual March of Dimes Gala, Simsbury, CT

One question I commonly receive by querulous passersby on the road is, “Foodette, what did you do before you were a food writer?” they say, their eyes quivering with the anticipated thoughtful brevity of my response. “Before your brilliance was unleashed upon the masses, what was your life like?” they utter, fingering my fine dress shirt and sniffing my potent, curated combination of Comme des Garcons and Diptyque.

“Well,” I tell them, exuding pure swag,

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Mohegan Sun BrewFest 2013

Sometimes things don’t go as they’re planned. Moves. Relationships. Briefcases. Expos. What’s that? The first two were rom-com tropes, and the third and fourth are virtually unrelatable? It’s so much bigger than that. Please, allow me to extrapolate. The Bedfellow and I went to the Mohegan Sun BrewFest the other night. We went as members of the media (the casino supplied passes and food tokens), and halfway through the casino, strutting across the floor like kings, my new briefcase started to malfunction. The clasp has been failing, lately- it’s been breaking at inopportune moments, spilling my papers on the floor.

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Birthdays and Bees

Like a slow blink, time has just slipped through my fingers. I still can’t believe that it’s the one-year anniversary of my grandmother’s death, that I turned 23 two days ago, that I’m six thousand miles replaced, rerooted, sprouting slowly. It doesn’t consume like it used to, all these changes, but it still feels like a firm punch in the gut sometimes. A soundless reverberation. I’m celebrating in small ways- a reconciliation dinner with Miss Love, another with K, and many beautiful meals with The Bedfellow keep me constantly curious and sociable.

But amidst the stress, there’s been celebration aplenty. I thought I’d keep the verbiage to a rare minimum and share some photos of the birthday pie and macarons I enjoyed- all gluten-free. The macarons were a gift from Miss Love, and the pie was a scheme of my own design, plotted over for months, and finally conceived over a few days in between notes and briefs. It was beautiful- Mi-Del gingersnap and Vermont Creamery maple butter crust, with a filling of Cortland apples, Vermont Creamery vanilla creme fraiche, Nielsen-Massey bourbon vanilla, Korintje cinnamon, Niman Ranch bacon, and Yancey’s maple-bacon cheddar cheese. Absolutely insane.
Modernist apple core sculptures.
The seasonal Laduree was pink peppercorn-flavored- and grey! Easily the strangest pastry I’ve had in a while- pure, undiluted pepper-infused cookie with no sugar to speak of. The sole deviation from a savory route came from the buttercream, offering a creamy, thick texture similar to frosting, but also very spicy. 

I baked the pie deep-dish style, in the base of my new Le Creuset.

The inaugural slice, augmented with a scoop of creme fraiche.

More macarons! Salted caramel, vanilla, raspberry, peppercorn, pistachio, and more.

The Bedfellow and I shared this sweet dark chocolate and honeycomb bee bar, a gift from Savannah Bee at the Fancy Food Show, on the first chilly, smoky day of autumn. I hope you enjoyed this miniature birthday tour!

Taste of the Union: Back to School Treats

What have I been eating? You mean, outside of the trail mix I’m eating out of the bag, like some eco-friendly, organic trough? Plenty of good food, despite my long nights and early mornings.

Starting with a refreshing cocktail from the new bar, made with the last (sob!) of the Rhubarb liquor from Root, a splash of Fever Tree tonic, and Owl’s Brew Pink and Black tea-infused cocktail mixer. Much better than my last attempt, a drink that tried to mix cognac, coffee, and ginger libation. Not great.

These sweet citrus sodas from Q, the makers of my favorite tonic, are also great in cocktails, although lately, I’ve just been drinking them out of the bottle after school. They’re slightly bitter, like they’ve been steeped with the fruit rind, and are not too sweet.

Dinners have been, with the exception of my bangin’ tacos, fairly lackluster, and chiefly consist of whatever combination of meat + beans/rice + cheese/sauce I can inhale before the gym or before I pass out in bed. This is one of them, but I think it’s a clever one. Kraft mac and cheese is not gluten-free or friendly, but, as I have discovered, the cheese powder is okay for those with gluten sensitivity. Behold, Easy Quack. Replace the noodles with tri-color quinoa, add some creme fraiche, hot sauce, salt, and pepper to the cheese powder mix, and voila! It was awesome underneath grilled chicken.

This was another late-afternoon supper, a very easy cheese pizza, courtesy of the kind folks at Amy’s, who sent me a coupon. For the price, a heartbreaking $11 and change, it’s a relatively small pizza, and personally, I prefer the Trader Joe’s version, with a thinner crust and cost. But this had a really comforting, nostalgic flavor, like an amped-up Ellio’s with a thick, dense crust and a pervasive sourdough flavor, which I loved.

In fact, lately, tons of gluten-free treats have been coming in the mail! This all-purpose baking mix was from Glutino, and I used it to make some really delicious pretzel buns. It made quite a lot, too- eight baby slider rolls, six regular burger rolls, and two hot dog buns, which I used for…

These! It’s basically my rebuttal to the Red Robin Oktoberfest burger, which I cannot eat. Expect a post later. The sausages were especially unique, as they were made from buffalo.

These are the last of the Sugarfina gummies, the chili-ginger hearts, that I ate as a treat for finishing up some CivPro cases. These were very, very clever- a sweet, chewy gummy shell surrounding a spicy, jammy center. Really strong flavors.

This chocolate and almond tart from Hail Merry was also a treat for finishing assignments. I’m like a dog, I need incentive to do tricks or file memos. It was very, very rich, and I ended up taking two and a half days to finish it. Please, admire my bite.

Also, I swear this isn’t some sort of implicit ad from Crate and Barrel, advertising their adorable square plates. It’s just an indication that I need to get new plates. Unless you’re really into this one. These cookies are from a sweet company called Keep It Real Food Co, and all their products are gluten-free and vegan, which is also awesome. I’ve been eating their granola in oatmeal, on pancakes, and in cereal, too.

Fridge oatmeal, easy for early and fast breakfasts, in a multitude of flavors.

And finally, the FRCP, my new best friend for a million years, or until comfortably retire at the ripe, old age of 26, and my second best friend, CVS Gold Emblem blueberry-flavored cranberries with chocolate. They’re weird. I’m weird. We work it out.